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Diervilla lonicera

Caprifoliaceae-Honeysuckle Family

by Steven D. Glenn
Not peer reviewed
Last modified: 02/01/2013

Key to the genera of Caprifoliaceae

 1. Style very short or none; corolla rotate...2
1. Style elongate; corolla campanulate, tubular, or funnel-shaped...3

2. Leaves simple...Viburnum (now in Adoxaceae)
2. Leaves compound...Sambucus (now in Adoxaceae)

3. Fruit a capsule...Diervilla
3. Fruit fleshy, a berry or berry-like...4

4. Corolla seldom less than 10 mm...Lonicera
4. Corolla 3-8 mm...Symphoricarpos

List of Caprifoliaceae genera


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