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Pinus virginiana

Pinaceae-Pine Family

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Last modified: 04/16/2013

Key to the genera of Pinaceae

1. Needles solitary...2
1. Needles in clusters of 2 or more...5

2. Needles attached directly to stem, leaving a smooth, rounded scar upon detachment...3
2. Needles attached to persistent, minutely elevated or projecting peg-like woody structures (sterigmata)...4

3. Buds rounded, usually resinous; cones upright; cone scales without prominent lobes...Abies
3. Buds pointed, not resinous; cones pendulous; cone scales with 3 prominent lobes, the middle lobe long and narrow...Pseudotsuga

4. Needles quadrangular in cross section...Picea
4. Needles flat in cross section...Tsuga

5. Needles in cluster of 10-60, deciduous...Larix
5. Needles in clusters of 2-5, evergreen...Pinus

List of Pinaceae genera


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