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Broussonetia papyrifera

Moraceae-Mulberry Family

by Katherine Gould, Angela Steward, & Steven D. Glenn
Not peer reviewed
Last modified: 03/04/2013

Key to the genera of Moraceae

1. Leaves entire, pinnately veined; stems usually thorny; fruit a large globose aggregate...Maclura
1. Leaves toothed or lobed, palmately veined; stems not thorny; fruit various...2

2. Terminal vegetative bud surrounded by a pair of stipules...Ficus
2. Terminal vegetative bud not surrounded by a pair of stipules...3

3. Leaves densely hairy on blade and veins beneath; fruit globose, inedible...Broussonetia
3. Leaves glabrous, scabrous, or sparsely hairy on veins beneath; fruit short-cylindric, edible, and resembling a blackberry...Morus

List of Moraceae genera


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