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Pueraria lobata

Fabaceae-Bean Family

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Last modified: 04/29/2013

Key to the genera of Fabaceae

(Woody genera only)

1. Twining woody or woody-to-herbaceous climbers...12
1. Shrubs or trees, not climbing...2

2. Leaves once- or twice-pinnately compound with more than 3 leaflets...7
2. Leaves simple or trifoliate...3

3. Trees; leaves simple, broadly cordate...Cercis
3. Shrubs; leaves not as above...4

4. Branches green, plants not spiny...6
4. Branches not green, or if green then plant spiny...5

5. Leaves trifoliolate; flowers purple to white...Lespedeza
5. Leaves reduced to spine-like petioles; flowers yellow...Ulex

6. Branches prominently 4-angled, vivid green, and often naked above; leaves trifoliate or often with one terminal leaflet...Cytisus
6. Branches terete, striate, leafy to summit; leaves simple...Genista

7. Trees or shrubs; all leaves once-pinnately compound with a terminal leaflet...10
7. Trees; all or at least some leaves twice-pinnately compound, with or without a terminal leaflet...8

8. Leaves up to 1 m long, with a terminal leaflet; leaflets (pinnules) 3-8 cm long, ovate, acuminate; pods with thick, woody valves...Gymnoclados
8. Leaves up to 50 cm long, without a terminal leaflet; leaflets (pinnules) 1-3 cm long, inequilateral, mucronate; pods flat, thin-valved...9

9. Leaflet (pinnule) margins serrate; stout thorns sometimes present...Gleditsia
9. Leaflet (pinnule) margins entire; thorns never present...Albizia

10. Leaflets emarginate; stipellules lacking; pods inflated...Colutea
10. Leaflets not emarginate; stipellules present; pods not inflated...11

11. Leaflets with minute dots beneath; pods with large resinous dots...Amorpha
11. Leaflets and pods without dots...Robinia

12. Leaves trifoliate...Pueraria
12. Leaves pinnately compound with more than 3 leaflets...Wisteria

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