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Thuja occidentalis

Cupressaceae-Cypress Family

by Steven D. Glenn
Not peer reviewed
Last modified: 01/18/2012

Key to the genera of Cupressaceae

1. Leaves linear, alternate, 7 mm in length or longer, divergent; cone scales spiral...2
1. Leaves scale-like, opposite or whorled, less than 7 mm in length, usually appressed; cone scales opposite...3

2. Leaves alternate in a flat plane, straight, distal half divergent from stem...Taxodium
2. Leaves spirally alternate, curved, distal half parallel to stem...Cryptomeria

3. Cone berry-like or drupe-like, somewhat fleshy...Juniperus
3. Cone woody or leathery...4

4. Cone globose, the scales peltate, not overlapping...Chamaecyparis
4. Cone oblong-ovoid, the scales overlapping...Thuja

List of Cupressaceae genera


References to Cupressaceae

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