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Gaylussacia baccata


by Steven Clemants
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Last modified: 02/06/2013


Gaylussacia Kunth ex Humb., Bonpl. & Kunth, Nov. Gen. Sp. 3: 275 (fol. ed. 216), t. 257. 1819, nom. cons. Lussacia Spreng., Syst. Veg. 2: 275, 294. 1825, nom. illeg. (Art. 52.1). TYPE: Gaylussacia buxifolia Kunth ex Humb., Bonpl. & Kunth.

Decachaena Torr. & A. Gray, Amer. J. Sci. Arts 42: 43. 1841. TYPE: Several elements.

Decamerium Nutt., Trans. Amer. Phil. Soc. n.s., 8: 259. 1843. TYPE: Not designated.

Lasiococcus Small, Man. S.E. Fl. 1008, 1506. 1933. TYPE: Not designated.

Misapplied Names:

Adnaria Raf., Fl. Ludov. 56. 1817. TYPE: Adnaria odorata Raf. (= Styrax americana); see Camp (1941). Many names of Gaylussacia were transferred into this genus by Kuntze.

Key to the species of Gaylussacia

1. Glands on lower surface of leaves small, on generally curved, hairlike stalks...Gaylussacia bigeloviana
1. Glands on lower surface of leaves, large, short-stalked, and nearly sessile...2

2. Resin glands present and generally abundant on both surfaces of the leaf...Gaylussacia baccata
2. Resin glands present on lower surface only...Gaylussacia frondosa

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