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Robinia hispida


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Robinia L., Sp. Pl. 2: 722. 1753. Gen. Pl. 322. 1754. Pseudo-Acacia (Tourn.) Medik., Vorles. Churpf”lz. Phys.-÷con. Ges. 2: 364. 1787. LECTOTYPE: Robinia pseudo-acacia L. designated by Britton & Brown (1913).

Key to the species of Robinia

1. Branches glabrous; fruit glabrous; flowers white...Robinia pseudoacacia
1. Branches hispid or glandular viscid; fruit hispid; flowers pink or rose...2

2. Twigs hispid; leaflets 7-13...Robinia hispida
2. Twigs glandular-viscid; leaflets 13-25...Robinia viscosa

List of Robinia Species


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