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Carya tomentosa


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Carya Nutt., Gen. N. Amer. Pl. 2: 220. 1818, nom. cons. TYPE: Not designated.

Scoria Raf., New York Med. Rep. hex. 2, 5: 352. 1808 (typographic error for Hicoria). Hicorius Raf., Fl. Ludov. 109. 1817, nom. rej. (also spelled “Hicoria,” “Hicorya”). TYPE: Unknown.

Key to the species of Carya

1. Buds sulfur-yellow; leaflets generally 9...Carya cordiformis
1. Buds brown; leaflets generally 7 or less...2

2. Leaflets generally 7...3
2. Leaflets generally 5...4

3. Leaflets, petioles, and rachises glabrous...Carya ovalis (included with Carya glabra by some authorities)
3. Leaflets, petioles, and rachises pubescent...Carya tomentosa

4. Bark of mature trees smooth; husks of fruit 2-4 mm thick...Carya glabra
4. Bark on mature trees shaggy, exfoliating in large strips and plates; husks of fruit 4-8 mm thick...Carya ovata

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