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Myrica pensylvanica


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Myrica L., Sp. Pl. 2: 1024. 1753. Gen. Pl., ed. 5, 449. 1754. Gale Duhamel, Traité Arbr. Arbust. 1: 253. 1755, nom. illeg. (Art. 52.1). LECTOTYPE: Myrica gale L. designated by Britton & Brown (1913), or Myrica cerifera L. designated by Rehder (1949).

Morella Lour., Fl. Cochinch. 537, 548. Sep 1790. TYPE: Not designated.

Cerophora Raf., Alsogr. Amer. 11. 1838. TYPE: Not designated.

Cerothamnus Tidestr., Elys. Marian., Ferns 40. 1910. TYPE: Not designated.

Angeia Tidestr., Elys. Marian., Ferns 37. 1910. TYPE: Angeia palustris (Lam.) Tidestr., nom. illeg. (Myrica gale L.).

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