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Acer pensylvanicum


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Acer L., Sp. Pl. 1054. 1753. Gen. Pl., ed. 5, 474. 1754. LECTOTYPE: Acer pseudoplatanus L., designated by Britton & Shafer (1908).

Negundo Boehmer in Ludwig, Def. Gen. ed. Boehmer 508. 1760. Rulac Adanson, Fam. 2: 383. 1763, nom. illeg. (Art. 52.1). Negundium Raf., Atlantic J. 176. 1833 nom. illeg. (Art. 52.1). TYPE: Negundo aceroides Moench (=Acer negundo L.)

Acer subgen. saccharodendron Raf., Fl. N. Am. 47. 1836. Saccharodendron (Raf.) Nieuwland, Amer. Midl. Naturalist 3: 182. 1914. TYPE: Saccharodendron barbatum (Michx.) Nieuwland (Acer saccharum Marshall).

Euacer Opiz, Oekon. Neuigk. Verh. 58: 522. 1839. TYPE: Euacer platanoides (L.) Opiz (Acer platanoides L.)

Rufacer J. K. Small, Man. S. E. Fl. 825, 1505. 1933. TYPE: Apparently two elements.

Argentacer J. K. Small, Man. S. E. Fl. 825, 1505. 1933. TYPE: Argentacer saccharinum (L.) J. K. Small (Acer saccharinum L.).

Key to the species of Acer

1. Leaves compound...Acer negundo
1. Leaves simple...2

2. Leaf lobes rounded...Acer campestre
2. Leaf lobes acute or acuminate...3

3. Leaves silvery-white beneath...4
3. Leaves not silvery-white beneath...8

4. Lobes of leaves crenate-serrate...Acer pseudoplatanus
4. Lobes of leaves sharply serrate...5

5. Buds pointed, not reddish...6
5. Buds blunt, reddish...7

6. Leaf blades flat...Acer saccharum
6. Leaf blades with drooping margins...Acer nigrum

7. Terminal leaf lobe less to slightly more than half the length of the blade...Acer rubrum
7. Terminal leaf lobe well over half the length of the blade...Acer saccharinum

8. Leaves with 5-9 lobes...Acer palmatum
8. Leaves with 5 or fewer lobes...9

9. Leaves generally with 3 lobes, with serrate margins...10
9. Leaves generally with 5 lobes, with entire or coarsely dentate margins...Acer platanoides

10. Buds with several pairs of imbricate scales, sessile...Acer ginnala
10. Buds with 1 pair of valvate scales visible, stalked...11

11. Twigs and buds glabrous; bark of older branches white-striped...Acer pensylvanicum
11. Twigs and buds pubescent; bark not striped...Acer spicatum

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General Discussion

Acer is a northern hemispheric genus comprised of approximately 110 species of deciduous, rarely evergreen, trees and shrubs.

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