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Amelanchier canadensis


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Last modified: 05/06/2013


Amelanchier Medik., Philos. Bot. 1: 135, 155. 1789 (also spelled “Amelanchus,” “Amelancus,” “Ameancher”). TYPE: Amelanchier ovalis Medik. (Mespilus amelanchier L.) designated by Britton & Brown (1913).

Key to the species of Amelanchier

1. Inflorescence erect...2
1. Inflorescence drooping...5

2. Ovary summit glabrous...3
2. Ovary summit pubescent...4

3. Stem height less than 2 m tall...Amelanchier obovalis
3. Stem height 2 m or more...Amelanchier canadensis

4. Veins ending in teeth...Amelanchier humilis
4. Veins not ending in teeth...Amelanchier stolonifera

5. Stem height less than 2 m Amelanchier nantucketensis
5. Stem height 2 m or more...6

6. Ovary summit glabrous; young branchlets grayish...Amelanchier arborea
6. Ovary summit pubescent; young branchlets reddish...Amelanchier sanguinea

List of Amelanchier Species


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