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Sorbus aucuparia


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Sorbus L., Sp. Pl. 1: 477. 1753. Gen. Pl., ed. 5, 213. 1754. Aucuparia Medik., Philos. Bot. 1: 138. 1789, nom. illeg. (Art. 52.1). LECTOTYPE: Sorbus domestica L. sole member of genus after Medikus moved S. aucuparia to Aucuparia Medikus (1789). Sorbus domestica, however, is in serious conflict with the protologue Brizicky (1968) and to be superceded by Sorbus aucuparia L.

Pyrenia Clairv., Man. Herbor. Suisse 161. 1811. TYPE: Not designated.

Key to the species of Sorbus

1. Twigs, lower surface of leaflets, branches of the inflorescence and hypanthium all densely white-villous; winter buds white-villous, not glutinous...Sorbus aucuparia
1. Twigs, leaflets, branches of the inflorescence and hypanthium glabrous or glabrate...2.

2. Flowers 5-6 mm across; inflorescence dense, glabrous; fruit 4-6 mm across...Sorbus americana
2. Flowers 8-10 mm across; inflorescence loose, slightly pubescent; fruit 7-10 mm across...Sorbus decora

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