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Fagus grandifolia


by Steven D. Glenn
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Last modified: 01/25/2013


Fagus L., Sp. Pl. 997. 1753, sp. nonnull. exclud.

Fagus sect. Eufagus A.DC., Prodr. 16,2: 118. 1864, p. p. typ.

LECTOTYPE: F. sylvatica L. (see Britton & A.Br., Ill. Fl. N.U.S. ed. 2. 1: 614. 1913).

Key to the species of Fagus

1. Leaves serrate, with 9-14 pairs of veins...Fagus grandifolia

1. Leaves crenate, with 5-9 pairs of veins...Fagus sylvatica

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