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Catalpa speciosa


by Kerry Barringer
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Last modified: 02/01/2013


Catalpa Scop., Intr. Hist. Nat. 170. 1777. TYPE: Catalpa bignonioides Walter.

Catalpium Raf., Princ. Fond. Somiol. 27. 1814. TYPE: Unknown.

Key to the species of Catalpa

1. Leaves glabrous below; flowers yellow...Catalpa ovata
1. Leaves pubescent below; flowers white...2

2. Leaves abruptly acuminate; panicles with many flowers; flowers ca. 3 cm across at the mouth...Catalpa bignonioides
2. Leaves long-acuminate; panicles few-flowered; flowers ca. 2 cm across at the mouth...Catalpa speciosa

List of Catalpa Species


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