Family: Santalaceae

Arceuthobium pusillum
Arceuthobium pusillum   C. Peck  -  Dwarf Mistletoe
Photo © by Steven Clemants
From a scanned herbarium sheet, 1999.

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Key to the genera of Santalaceae

1. Leaves alternate, 5-15 cm long; parasitic on the roots of woody plants...Pyrularia
1. Leaves opposite, to 6 cm long; parasitic on branches of woody plants...2

2. Leaves semiorbicular, 1 mm long; parasite mainly of Black Spruce, occasionally other conifers...Arceuthobium
2. Leaves flat, 2-6 cm long; parasite on many tree species...Phoradendron

List of Santalaceae Genera

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