Quercus x rudkinii (Q. marilandica × Q. phellos) Britton - Hybrid Oak

Native , Occasional

By Steven D. Glenn

Not peer reviewed

Last Modified 02/14/2012

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Quercus x rudkinii

Common Names

Hybrid Oak

General Discussion

Quercus x rudkinii Britt. Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 9:13, pl. 10-12, fig. 3-5. 1888.

This hybrid oak results from the crossing of blackjack and willow oaks and is one of the more frequently occuring hybrid oaks in the New York metropolitan area; intermediate in characters between the two parents.

(Britton, 1882) (MacDougal, 1907) (Allard, 1942) (Stebbins, et al., 1947) (Burk, 1965)