Quercus michauxii Nutt. - Swamp Chestnut Oak


By Steven D. Glenn

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Last Modified 01/25/2013

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Common Names

Swamp Chestnut Oak

General Discussion

Quercus michauxii Nutt. Gen. N. Amer. Pl. 2: 215. 1818.

 This large oak of Sect. Quercus is native in bottomland woods and swamps in the southeastern United States ranging along the coast up to southern New Jersey in Ocean and Burlington Counties (Bernard & Fairbrothers, 1967;Hough, 1983), and might eventually be found in Mercer, Monmouth, and Middlesex Counties. There are also unconfirmed historical reports from New York and Connecticut, but no known extant populations (Nixon & Muller (p. 479) 1997). The obovate to elliptic, regularly round-toothed leaves are similar in appearance to Quercus montana, but Q. michauxii has a trunk with scaly bark.