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Corylus L., Sp. Pl. 998. 1753. Gen. pl., ed.5, 433. 1754. LECTOTYPE: Corylus avellana L. designated by Britton & Brown (1913).

Key to the species of Corylus

1. Petioles hairless or with glandless hairs; mature involucre 4-7 cm, with a long beak...Corylus cornuta
1. Petioles with glandular hairs; mature involucre 1.5-3 cm, without a long beak...2

2. Involucre nearly twice as long as nut, with laciniate lobes...Corylus americana
2. Involucre shorter or slightly longer than nut, with shallow lobes...Corylus avellana

List of Corylus Species

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