New York Metropolitan Flora

Lonicera x bella Zabel - Bell's Honeysuckle


By Steven D. Glenn

Not peer reviewed

Last Modified 02/01/2012

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Lonicera x bella
This map is tentative at best. There has been difficulty regarding the correct identification between Lonicera morrowii and Lonicera x bella. Distinguishing between L. morrowii and L. x bella is particularly difficult, even in flower, and impossible in fruit or when encountered in a sterile condition. Therefore proper field assessment and collection is only productive during the flowering window. Subsequently, reports of L. x bella might be mis-identifications of L. morrowii; and conversely, L. x bella may easily be overlooked in areas saturated with Lmorrowii. Molecular-based research may be needed to yield clearer resolution between these two taxa and might demonstrate that L. x bella is in fact more common.

Common Names

Bell's Honeysuckle